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Our commitment to your privacy

We are committed to protecting your privacy and ensuring that your visit to this website is secure.

For any queries regarding any aspect of this policy, please contact us at

Security of personal information

We use the Transport Layer Security (TLS) protocol when transmitting sensitive information. Once within our system all personal information is accessible to Webzakimbo personnel only, and kept within secured systems, accessible only to authorised personnel.

We strictly enforce our privacy policy with our employees and sub-contractors.

Use of your personal information

We use your personal information in order to provide you with information on requested products and services, to improve the products and services we provide, or to contact you in regards to a specific query.

We will never contact you for any unsolicited reason.

Information sharing

We will never share or otherwise transmit your personal information to anyone else, unless required to by law.

We would only share your personal information with third parties to the extent required to provide the necessary services and products requested by you. Any 3rd party is reciprocally enforced to honour the provisions of this agreement, with any information provided used only to the extent required to provide the necessary services.

Collection of Personal Information

Webzakimbo only saves such personal information from this site as is necessary to respond to queries regarding the provision of services. This information will include, but is not limited to, first and last name, the name of your organisation, the details of your request, and any other information provided as part of your query.

Upon request, we will delete your personal information.

Privacy of information

Any information you provide to us via this website is held strictly confidential.


The Webzakimbo Application Environment

We can provide a custom-built secure & scalable application environment within AWS or GCP.

  • Your own virtual private network, locked down with perimeter security, and firewalled access points.
  • Secured SSH access via dedicated bastion SSH hosts
  • Your own console application exposing a management interface for your engineers
  • Full root access to your machines - we don't lock you down or out
  • A deployment system for your application(s) ready to roll from the moment we hand over your network
  • Your network, operating system, and application configuration managed & and enforced by our own orchestration system
  • Extensible framework for custom orchestration and scripting
  • Full SLA for troubleshooting, support, security patching & monitoring
  • Latest Ubuntu operating system, or the linux distribution of your choice.

- Pipeline Environments

We build from repeatable patterns - our infrastructure is code.

  • Any number of application environments, built to the same specification
  • Manage everything from the same console interface

- CI/CD systems

We can ramp up your development activities through Continuous Integration & Continuous Delivery.

  • Gatekeep your deployments with automatic regression test runs
  • Trigger deployements (manual or automatic) to any of your application environments

Custom orchestration

If you already have a hosted application environment, we can build you:

  • A deployment system for your application(s)
  • Provide a console implementation
  • Provide any orchestration you may require.

Systems migration

Already have a system running on bare-metal or a poorly performing cloud architecture? We can offer:

  • Re-architecture into a secured Webzakimbo application environment
  • Operating system upgrade where required
  • Full puppet configuration management applied
  • Optional management console implementation
  • Data migration

Get in touch to find out more.

Security by default

As a core principle all our application networks and software systems are designed with a minimum level of security by default.

We follow base-line security architectures favoured by the UK Government's GDS.

Secure clouds

Our application networks are built within Virtual Private cloud (VPC) networks. Your application will be safely housed within its own private subnets, with access control lists (ACLs) and perimeter security applied, and SSH key access for your engineers via your own dedicated SSH bastion server(s).

Configuration Management

We apply three levels of configuration management - at the infrastructure, operating system, and application levels. This ensures predicatibility, control, and parity for all your application environments.

Secure console

We provide SSH key access to your engineers through your own console application. This allows you to trigger any orchestration we've provided for you, deploy your code, or otherwise access your infrastructure - all via secured SSH-key access.

Get in touch to arrange a demonstration.

What we do

Secure application networks

We are a specialist cloud consultancy building within AWS and GCP. We believe in security by default providing all our builds with a minimum base-line security architecture, and build from tried and battle-tested patterns.

Find out more about our security ethos here.

Custom management tools

Our orchestration console allows you access into your secure networks from the moment we hand over your system. Use this to SSH into your servers, securely deploy your applications and much more.

Read more about our unique console technology here.

Convention over configuration

We've built our own infrastructure delivery platform, and can rapidly and reliably build the secure web architecture and tooling that your applications require without starting from scratch each and every time. This allows us to focus on what differentiates your system, passing on cost & time savings to you.

Get in touch to find out more.

The Bcome console

Our console - Bcome - provides direct access to all your environments and servers from one handy tool.

We developed it in-house to simplify life for your engineers by providing a predictable, transparent, and 100% extensible jumping-off point to interact with your infrastructure.

It will provide all the functionality you need, and some you didn't know could help you.

Core Features

  • SSH into servers within your secure networks
  • Deploy your application or microservices
  • Directly access logs, databases and any server-side consoles or functions
  • Trigger any custom orchestration that we've provided for you.
  • Orchestrate/access all your environments - wherever it is installed - from a single interface.
  • Provides an interactive shell to issue commands to multiple machines at once, all through a transparent interface
  • Provides an encrypted metadata framework for your secrets.
  • 100% extensible using pure Ruby.

Learn More

For more information on our unique console technology, see our product page here or contact us.

Cookie Policy

Like many websites utilises cookies in order to help us to customise your experience.

What are cookies?

Cookie are small files stored in the browser on your computer. They are set by websites you visit, and can be read by the same sites that set them as you navigate through those sites.

They allow websites to identify repeat requests by the same browser: i.e. they are used to recognise you when you come back and make subsequent visits to a site.

Recognising a user allows features like authentication to work (i.e. after you've logged in to a site, you remain logged in).

How does Webzakimbo use cookies?

We currently use cookies in one way only: to record anyonymous analytics information.

This allows us to gather analytics on how many visits we have to our site and how many repeat visits we have. We also gather basic information on your web browser so that we can work out the type of visitor you are e.g. whether you are using a desktop or a mobile computer and information on the pages that you view, which allows us to make improvements to your experience here.

We never use cookies to collect information relating to your personal identity: all the information we gather is anonymous.

For more information on the privacy of your information, please refer to our privacy page, or for any queries regarding any aspect of this policy, please contact us at